Clean Your Computer Now and Keep Secure

When you purchase the new devices, either laptops or tablets, sometimes you’ll also get some pre-installed programs. Most of the time, you won’t need any of them. On another occasion, you probably installed a bunch of free software programs you found on the internet. They also might end up on your computer forever, being used only once or twice.
You might think it’s okay to keep those unused applications, but do you have any idea what could possibly they have done to your computer? They could collect information about how you use your computer. Especially freeware, they have the highest possibility to be spy programs. Furthermore, those unused programs are taking space on your hard drives and could make your computer become slower.
So to say, it will be a good habit to “clean” your computer once in a while from unused software. Also, be careful when you install something from the internet. Pay attention to what files are actually being downloaded and installed.
Stay secure, people!

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