Children’s Day in Google Logo Today



Today Google’s doodle is created to honor the children in Indonesia since this day is known as a children day there. However, Google makes this doodle not only for (Indonesia), but they put it to I think it is the way that Google take to send the happiness message all around the world. According to children’s behavior which are commonly happy, love to play, sing, and eat, Google’s doodle today describes them all. We can see, in this doodle, that the letters act as children and they play the slide, sing a song, and bring their lunch box. They seems very happy. No matter where are the children in this world, no matter what their language are, their behavior is normally same. And that’s the children should be.There is no right of people to grab the children’s happiness by the war or parenthood violence. Remember them state as happy creations, educate them in the very best way without any violation, keep their smile on their face, and get the peace. Children, they are the place we can learn about peace. No revenge, no long angriness. Just smile, peace, let it go. Happy children day!

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