Can’t Stop Thinking? Relax Your Mind With Minesweeper The Logic Games


Some serious people think that computer games are not useful. We need to think enough to solve those games and it will waste their time. However, smart people, did you ever try minesweeper? If you really love to think, really love numbers, want to sharp your analytical skill, then why don’t you try this game? The newest version of minesweeper is very interesting, now. There are classical mode, adventure mode, and daily challenge. They are interesting improvement for every minesweeper lover.

If you never play minesweeper before, you must understand the basic rule in this game. When you click a square in this game board, you will see a number or some numbers. Each number shows the count of bombs around them. Challenge your analytical skill to decide exactly, where is the real location of the bombs? Combine the number each other so your decision can fulfil all the clues, synchronous, does not make any contradiction, etc. So, do you have some brave to take this challenge?

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