Book – Step7 in 7 Steps by Clarence T. Jones


Step 7 by Siemens is a star in engineering control. Many factory using this solution for the process. PLC as the brain in controlling, batching, calculating, recording and even prevent process from unsafe condition or keep process in safe operation.

Step 7 has its standards, characteristics, and the unique.  And I am sure the others too. How to implement the Step7 in process it off course different with others. Like ABB, Honeywell, Allen Bradley, Omron, etc.

This book shows the easiest way to 7 Step clearly in configuring, programming, deploying, troubleshooting, and maintaining S7-300/S7-400 PLCs and Simatic Networks. Each step introduced with with brief tutorial then followed with task example. On the left-hand page, the task is described using a Basic Concept, Essential Elements, and Application Tips. On the right-hand page, the task is presented in a step-by-step table format. Over 175 example tasks presented, your tasks are surely already done! The best book to start using Step 7 for all Simatic system users!

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Book Highlights

  • 464 pages
  • Appendix,Glossary and Index
  • Brief Tutorial on each Key S7 Concept
  • Over 175 Examples of S7-300/S7-400 Tasks
  • Each Example Presented in a 2-Page Layout
  • Concise and Easily Read Language
  • STEP 7 Project/Library Tasks
  • Hardware Configuration Tasks
  • Program Design and Development Tasks
  • Online Operations Tasks
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics Tasks
  • Network Configuration Tasks


Book Chapters (Steps)

  • Step 1: Getting Started with STEP 7
  • Step 2: Working with Projects and Libraries
  • Step 3: Working with Hardware Configurations
  • Step 4: Working with Programs and Data
  • Step 5: Managing Online Interactions with the CPU
  • Step 6: Working with Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools
  • Step 7: Working with Simatic Network Configurations