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Avery Weigh Tronix is one of the largest weighing solution manufacture base in UK. On year 2000, AWT started new episode. Flash back to history. AWT is a unite of four company on the past, they are Weigh-Tronix from US, Avery from Birmingham England, Salter from West Bromwich England, and Berkel from London England.

On 1993 Avery acquired Berkel as a wholly owned GEC subsidiary, and launch new brand Avery Berkel. On 1998, Weigh-Tronix purchased Salter. And merged in 2000 as Avery Weigh-Tronix.


Indicator E1105 / E1110

Avery digital weight indicators E1110

This is one of the AWT product. An indicator for wide range of weighing, in capacity and function. For basic use, as commercial store, from grams until tons capacity of load cell, also use in Truck weighing application, Recipe application and In-motion weighing application – example combine with conveyor.

For setting parameter it’s protected by password, this the password:

User     :   111
For super password, you can ask to Avery. Then you must sure that you’ve trained to handle this weighing.

This is the password I know for this type by default. For another type it could be different.


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