Asep Sunandar and Wayang Golek in Google’s Logo Today

Indonesian traditional puppet, called wayang, is a very popular all around the world. However, there are various types of wayang. Wayang golek is one of them. It comes from Sunda land, the west area of Java, Indonesia. Asep Sunarya was a master of wayang golek who made this puppet popular in Indonesian culture, with his special wayang called Cepot. He inserted some jokes in his performance. So that, many people remember him and begin to love watching wayang performance. By the way, the name history of Asep Sunarya was unique, too. Based on his mother’s dream, his parents did not give him any name. Then, his parents gave him to their younger sister (his aunt) to be cared. His aunt was worried if there were anyone asked her about the baby’s name. It made her thinking hard, how to tell anyone about the name. Finally, she had an idea to call the baby with Sukana (from Sa-su-ka-na), means ‘as you like’. This name solved her confused and keep the Sukana’s parents order, all at once. Meanwhile, like any other boy in Sunda, the baby bay was called as Asep. So, that’s the way he got his name, Asep Sukana. When he turned to 16 years old, he met his father and his father said “Change your name to Sunandar.” That’s why, Asep’s name was changed to Asep Sunandar. Then, since his father’s name is Sunarya, so his full name was known as Asep Sunandar Sunarya.

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