About Me

Welcome to my blog. This is a personal web blog. Writes whats in my mind. What is my hobby. And the recent thing in my brain.

I grab ibud as my blog name, because ibud is my child name. The real name of me is Budi, and my neighbors usually call us – the owners of this name – ibud. I don’t know the history.

Ibud.web.id is my first domain name, according to my name and Indonesian domain based regional. This web has great audience, and also great traffic from Google. Then I decided to have a TLD domain, I choose Ibudweb.com.

I like all about computers. Like how they work, what they do, for human, doing complex computation for best result. I also like PLC (programmable Logical Controller) special Siemens PLC. This is one of the main thing in my job, but also my interesting to calculate,arrange  and mix the logical condition to control a machine.

Internet just like my huge personal library. I can find anything, every time i could  and everywhere I am. I need internet like I need to eat. Good achievement of human  work.

I have great wife and two children, for years old girl and two years old boy. I love them very much. I dedicate this work for them.

I would like to thank to

  • Allah SWT,
  • My family, my wife, my children, my parents, for the support
  • Google for the great traffic and the great program
  • Ibudweb audiences and specially ibudweb facebook fans
  • Everyone who help me, time or idea for everything.


Thanks to visit my site. And better you bookmark me on your personal account or your web page.



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