4 Ways to Digitize Your Printed Photos

Nowadays, digital photos for private collection is more popular than printed photos. The digitals takes less physical storage than the printed one. However, how is the fate of your old printed photos? Somehow, you want to digitize them all. You can realize this dream through 4 ways. Choose the fittest way for you!

  • For the best quality of scanning, use scanner to digitize the printed photos.
  • If you don’t have some scanner, you can use your phone’s camera to scan. Shoot your printed photos, and digitize them all. To get the best image, use photo application to shoot.
  • Use DSLR camera with macro lens to get the high quality of photo shoot.
  • To prevent some headache which is caused by scanning a lot of photos, hire professional service to help you scan all your printed photos.

Thus, which way is suitable in your case? Consider your case well and let digitize the photos! Good luck.

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