4 Steps to Protect Your Security Camera from Hacking

No system is safe. Your every single gadget and device is able to be hacked, your security camera is not an exception. However, you may try to protect your system by take some prevention, like the steps below.

  1. Secure your network. If you use a wireless network, make sure you activate the WPA2.
  2. Encryption. Choose the security camera with encryption mode. Activate this feature to the security camera’s administrative tools.
  3. Secure username and password. Choose the difficult user name and password, especially for the admin software. It makes your system safer, the hacker can’t easily guess those things.
  4. Keep update. Update the camera firmware frequently, or whenever possible.

That’s it. The keys of prevention from hacker are using of protection tools, difficult combination of user name and password, and keep your tolls update. These is valid for any gadget, device, and software, including your security camera.

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