2016 Paralympic Games in Google’s Logo Today


Last month, we have enjoyed the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Then today, the 2016 Paralympic Games is started. The Paralympic Games is an international sport competitions – just like the Olympic Games – for the disables. This year, Paralympic Games is held in the same place of 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Jenairo (Brazil). From September 7th to 18th, we will watch this amazing competitions of the disables. Tennis, football, basketball, swimming, running, volleyball, rugby, volley beach, and many more sport you can imagine will you find here, too. Look at how big their spirit in the middle of disabilities. They will show us that situation and conditions will not affect their passion to be the best as they can. The doodle today notify us, so we will not miss this amazing event. Finally, get ready and let’s get a lot of lesson from this event. Good luck for the athletes, and let’s enjoy the games!

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