1-2-1 Pattern in Minesweeper Games


Have been try to play minesweeper but you come to confuse? Don’t worry, I will give you quick solve solutions from a lot of pattern. I get it by my experience to play this game. Today, I give one first. I call this pattern as 1-2-1 pattern. When you find the 1-2-1 pattern in a row/column, check out if the squares between this pattern is open already or not. If the squares between it is open already, then you know exactly where the bombs is lying. It is right beside the 1s. So, in classical mode, you must put a flag there like the picture below. However, if the squares between the 1-2-1 pattern is not open yet, don’t be rush to do the tips above. Observe the squares between the pattern first. When the last pattern is still 1-2-1 pattern with no bombs observed, and the squares between the pattern is open already, then you can apply this tips. If the last pattern doesn’t fulfill this condition, then it is not 1-2-1 pattern. Don’t use the tips above.

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